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Positive Dating Sites 2020

Positive Dating Sites 2020

HIV Positive Dating: Meeting Someone

The vast majority of people living with HIV are very young. Before them, like all young people, there naturally arises the question of creating a family. That important step for any person to some extent complicates the diagnosis of HIV. After all, it now becomes especially important that the future partner should not be afraid of such a diagnosis, and be able to see a living person behind all this situation with all his virtues and life prospects so that a person can support in difficult moments. HIV dating online will help with this. 

Given the current social tensions associated with HIV infection, misunderstanding, and sometimes direct condemnation of HIV-positive people, many try not to put their diagnosis for discussion with uninitiated people and are looking for contacts (including with the aim of creating a family) among the same people affected by HIV. But no thanks to the specialized sites dating someone with aids is no longer a problem.


Use condoms and latex wipes to protect against HIV and STIs. It is better to use tight (Extra strong) condoms with lubricant, which includes Spermicide. This will reduce the likelihood of condom breakage and the risk of infection if a break does occur. Antiseptics can help protect against STIs. Lubricants are also used to prevent condom breakage and thus HIV/STI infections.

The probability of a woman becoming infected during intercourse is higher than men since the volume of sperm taken is 2–4 times greater than the fluid secreted by a woman. The concentration of HIV and other pathogens in sperm is higher, sperm lasts up to 3 days in the vagina, which can lead to subsequent infection.

The risk of becoming infected with HIV through sexual contact is directly proportional to the number of unprotected sexual contacts, however, sometimes even having one sexual contact with an infected partner is sufficient for infection. When you use HIV dating sites you should talk about this.

Positive Dating: Tell Before Sex 

HIV, like other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is possible with any form of sexual contact (gay and heterosexual relationships, anal, vaginal, oral sex). During any sexual contact, the tender mucous membrane of the genitals, the oral cavity, the rectum, etc. is injured by friction with the formation of microtraumas and cracks, through which the pathogens penetrate. Infection with HIV / STIs is possible by contact of mucous membranes containing microbes and viruses, or through infected sperm, vaginal secretions, or pre-ejaculate or blood from microcracks. Therefore, simply interrupting sexual intercourse is not effective for preventing HIV/STIs.

The risk of HIV infection increases:

  • sadomasochistic games, sex during menstruation and defloration (rupture of a virgin pleura) - blood containing a virus can penetrate through microtraumas and wounds and infect a partner;

  • sex between partners who have STIs, especially with ulcerations (genital herpes, syphilis), other inflammatory processes (Salpingitis, cervical erosion) - any inflammation causes a general decrease in immunity, and blood flow and leukocytes, open wounds and ulcers facilitate virus penetration.

Therefore, you and your partner should be as honest with each other as possible. Therefore, before the start of intimate relationships, everyone should know about the health of their partner.

HIV Dating Tips for Everyone 

On the dating sites for people with HIV, you can put the necessary restrictions on gender, age, socio-demographic indicators. In this case, you will only see those individuals who fit the conditions of the filter, and “unwanted” people can be blacklisted. If after chatting on a pos dating site you want to meet with an HIV person, then you need to prepare for it. In principle, dating HIV-positive people are no different from meetings of ordinary people. Everyone understands his situation and the situation of his partner. So, dating with HIV is just like a usual date. 

The first rule: you must decide where you will lead the lady. The most annoying girls’ question: Where are we going? Where you are going to have to decide by yourself since the right to make decisions is given to a man. And it is advisable to report this place in advance so that she knows how she should dress.

The second rule. And if we are talking about clothes, then it should be clean and tidy. And always polished shoes, girls always pay attention to it.

Rule Three: Be a gallant gentleman. Open the door to the lady, give your hand when you exit the vehicle; even if you are driving your car, first get out of the car, open the door for the girl and help her out. Ask if your companion is hungry.

Rule number four: listen carefully to what your lady says, participate in the conversation (the information received may serve you well in the future).

Fifth rule: joke, girls appreciate good humor, but no vulgar jokes. And it is not worth discussing topics of politics, religion on your first date, your views may differ, and disputes will not lead to anything good.

Rule Six: According to the rules of etiquette, a man pays. But, given the modern beliefs about gender equality, give in to the lady if she insists on paying for herself. Perhaps for her, it is a matter of principle. Do not show that you are offended and do not express your irritation.

The seventh rule: be natural, calm. Often, if a guy likes a girl a lot, he becomes shy, nervous, and the macho effect fades. Try to remain a gentleman until the end of the meeting and listen to the desires of the girl. Make compliments, but sincerely. Flattery can be seen immediately and the girls do not like it.

Learn and Deal with Dating Issues for People Living With HIV 

The status of a person with HIV imposes on him certain limitations in terms of communication and social life. Many see HIV-positives as a rogue. Therefore, many infected leads a rather modest and lonely lifestyle. Thanks to specialized aids dating sites, they had the opportunity to quickly find HIV people like them. It even helps to create families.

On the other hand, every young man realizes that he most likely will not be able to live to old age and this creates certain problems and certain doom. But when pos singles find each other, they begin to appreciate those moments of life and the time that they have even more.

Therefore, such projects as HIV People Meet, Positive Singles, Positives Dating, and others create a batch of hope and give people a purpose of life since they can find a soulmate. By the way. You can always find support in HIV dating community. 

Positive Dating Sites 2020

Are you craving for that special someone? Someone to love and care about? Someone to talk to and listen to? Someone to invite into your world to journey together with?
HIV Dating Sites have emerged as one of the best social remedies to those who are HIV positive. It is here that you will find love, friendships, romance and hope. These top rated HIV dating sites accept you as you are. Whether single or married; male, female or bisexual; straight, gay or lesbian. Your religious background, or race, or social status does not matter. These HIV dating sites are one big family meant to accept all HIV positive people.
Do not change a thing. HIV dating sites are meant to bind all HIV positives together. To give us all a chance to experience love unfailing, friendships unbreakable, romance unforgettable and a hope for tomorrow. If you are HIV positive, HIV dating sites are the way to go.

Positive Singles 

Positive Singles is one of the largest dating sites and is targeted at people affected by HIV, AIDS and other sexual related diseases including Herpes. It currently enjoys a membership of more than one million individuals and has been in existence since 2002. Known for keeping the affairs of its registered members confidential, the dating site provide a conducive and private platform for the affected people. And to keep the engagement lively and fulfilling its offers Online Chat Room, STD Care Locations, Live Dating Adviser and STD blog forums.

HIV Love Dating 

HIV Love Dating is established with the aim of helping victims of HIV and AIDS to lead a normal life even after being diagnosed with the disease. It is one of the fastest growing online dating sites and targets men and mail order bride including gays and lesbians. The free-to-join site runs on a 24/7 basis and there is always a live dating adviser available around the clock. It also gives free dating tips, has a HIV Q&A; section, individual testimonials, treatment stories and much more.

STD Community 

STD Community helps people affected by HIV and AIDS to continue living positively and also be able to find love online. It constitutes of more than 250, 000 active members and serves as the platform where members can interact with each other through live chats, webcams, blog, forums and much more. It is open to both men and women who are straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay. A range of issues are tackled at the site and members talk about love, finding a soul mate, treatment, general issues and there is also help and support.

POZ Personals 

POZ Personals is a fast-growing online community that is mainly comprised of people living with HIV and AIDS. Established in 1994, the award-winning dating site aim was to stop the stigma associated with AIDS /HIV and help the afflicted people live positively. It currently has over 150, 000 registered members and also owns the informative POZ magazine that educates and encourages reader through daily news, blogs, personal profiles, treatment updates, investigative features, videos and much more.

Pos Date 

POS Date, an online dating website meant for HIV positive and AIDS sufferers is available in a range of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. The forum seeks to connect individuals searching for love or a soul mate from different regions and also offers advice and help to its members. The first step is joining the site, followed by creation of a profile, then browsing at the member’s gallery and hopefully beginning communication with a potential mate.


Voltage is the power-dating site for every gay who is HIV positive, and is interested in finding that special someone, regardless of their current medical, physical or social status. At voltage, it is all about gay love, gay affection and gay relationship. It provides a platform for all gays looking for a genuine and transparent soul-mate. No discrimination, just an open page to start writing a great love story. For all gays, Voltage is the way to go.

POZ Match 

Poz Match is an HIV positive owned dating site with a goal of making HIV positives have an emotionally and socially fulfilling life. Since the year 1998, PozMatch has continuously developed a network of people from all walks of life, nations, genders, races, religions, and age. It does not discriminate. It is here that HIV positives have found love, great friends, and listening partners who are willing to hear them out. Pozmatch is the dating site of choice for all HIV positives.

HIV Passions 

HIV Passions is a dating site for HIV positive singles who seek dating and networking. It brings together like-minded people and give them a chance to share their passion and life experiences. It offers a base for unconditional love to everyone and no one is isolated or left to feel lonely. Join the bandwagon and make HIV community a power to reckon with. Everyone deserves the right to love, associate and express themselves. At HIV Passion, every voice is heard and every individual counts. HIV Passions is the site for all HIV singles.